Weekly Promotions


TAKE A CHANCE - $100 could be won.

JAG THE JOKER - Club wide every Sunday from 1.00pm  
Use your card around the venue to earn your entries!

SHOW ME THE MONEY - every Friday from 12.20PM
Select cards for a chance to win!

J16128 - Celebrity Heads - Updates 1890x1063_FINISHED ART

CELEBRITY HEADS - 7pm Wednesday & Thursday
$1,000 guaranteed to be won over two nights!

J13164 - Cash Explosion - Promotion_1890px x 1063px_FINISHED ART

CASH EXPLOSION – From 8:15pm Friday 

  CELEBRITY HEADS - 7pm Wednesday & Thursday


LUCKY SEAT! From 6:30pm Monday, From 1:20pm Wednesday
Choose your seat wisely.

PICK A CASE! Major Cash Draw Each Saturday…

Who Is The GOAT? From 3pm Friday and 11am Saturday
Choose wisely.